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Altitude Pole & Fitness -
Christchurch & Auckland & Whanganui

Altitude Pole is New Zealand's leading pole studio, with beautiful and spacious studios in both 6 locations throughout the country. With some of the top pole dancers in NZ as the instructors and all class content developed and written by Miss Pole Dance NZ Karry Summers, you can't go wrong. Creating a non-judgemental and welcoming space, everyone is welcome at Altitude!

Pole Gear NZ ​

If you are looking to kit yourself out in the latest pole wear from top brands around the world, this is where you need to be shopping! With GREAT customer service, QUICK shipping times, and AWESOME gear, Pole Gear NZ is your one stop shop for all your pole needs!

Pole Away with Cece ​

Pole-Away with Cece offers intimate pole private classes for 1, 2 or 3 people at a time. Each class will be 100% tailored to your individual needs. Whether you are a beginner wishing to get a head start, or an advanced student wishing to work on some new tricks, Cece can help you! Cece also offers standard classes for those wishing to take part of group classes, These classes are fun and social, with lot's learnt every class. All group classes have a specific curriculum taught each class. 

 Available to you so you can feel your best when poling is some fantastic Pole-specific apparel. Pole Away brings only boutique and Premium brands to NZ - RAD, Active Creatures and Unicorn. Please check out our catalogue for available products.

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Pole Grip

PoleGrip was specifically designed to meet the demands of polers, taking over 2 years to formulate with the help of 5 pole studios, over 150 polers and 8 pole athletes including:

Imogen Gunter, Fawnia Monday, Micheal Donohoe, Terri Fierce & Lisette Krol 


When using PoleGrip you will notice the difference as it offers a non-sticky solution specially developed to improve sports performance.


Available from polegrip.co.nz and PoleGear NZ