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Our Pole Legends

Each award is represented by the top pole artists in the industry, our Pole Legends! There are a total of 9 awards up for grabs on the night. Stay tuned as we announce who these exciting legends are...

Jenyne Butterfly

Representing: The Ultimate Female Pole Dancer

Jenyne Butterfly is the ultimate in pole dancers and is the only choice for representing our Ultimate Female Pole Legend. She is graceful, strong, fluid and beuatiful. A true Legend!

Alex Shchukin

Representing: The Ultimate Male Pole Dancer

In his own words:

"I create, I practice every day and I love it. I can't live without it. Try to be different, try to be creative. Try to think out of the box. Try to do what you are doing, with love. Try to show people your crazy skills and try to show people a show and performance, and then it will be crazy, then it will be cool."

Suzie Q & Toby J

Representing: The Ultimate Pole Doubles

In their own words:

"The most important things in doubles pole are teamwork, synchronicity, commitment to your theme and entertaining the audience. It's also good to be able to skill share with your partner, you teach them some of your strengths, and they teach you some of theirs."

The Evgeny Strength Award

Representing: The Strongest competitor

In their own words:

"I have circus and choreography background. What is pole dance for me? It is mixture of strength tricks, transitions, drops, acrobatics, flexibility and of course, dance and art. I wish goodluck to all contestants. Enjoy the stage and show your best. " - Evgeny Greshilov

The Bendy Kate Tricks Award

Representing: The competitor with the best tricks

In their own words:

"In this category I am looking for someone who really stands out and is really unique."

The Marion Crampe Flexy Award

Representing: The most flexible competitor

In their own words:


The Jamilla Drama Award

Representing: The best entertainer

In their own words:


The Alethea Austin Sexy Award

Representing: The most sexy competitor 

In their own words:


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