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The Awards

Pole Legends Competition Category Awards
Updated for Pole Legends 2022

Starting with Pole Legends 2022 we are moving away from gender-based awards to make sure we're a more inclusive competition for the superstar pole community in New Zealand! ❤

We will now be awarding Ultimate Legend & Ultimate Legend Runner Up. This means we have moved away from the Ultimate Male & Female awards categories.

We are also moving away from the smaller Ultimate Doubles category - but don't worry, doubles acts are still welcome! You'll just be competing against the solo polers for Ultimate Legend, Ultimate Legend Runner up and our categories.

We still want to celebrate pioneering pole dancers who helped bring this amazing sport to the world - so keep on reading to find out more about those who inspired each of our awards.

Ultimate Legends

1st & Runner Up

The OG, Legendary pole dancers Jenyne Butterfly, Alex Shchukin and duo Suzie Q & Toby J inspired the Ultimate Legend awards.

The Ultimate Legends will need to show a range of strengths throughout their routine. From strength and flex, to drama and tricks. We're looking for our Ultimate performers on the night.

An Ultimate Legend can't win any of the Category Awards (Strength, Tricks, Flexy, Sexy, Drama). The winner of Ultimate Legend & Runner Up will have the two highest overall score on the night.

Strength Legend

Category Award

Evgeny inspired this award! He is an international performer known for his strength tricks, transitions, drops, acrobatics and flexibility.

The winner of Strength Legend will need to show off their strength within their routine and have the highest strength score on the night.

Tricks Legend

Category Award

Bendy Kate inspired this award! Known for her creative, unique tricks that flow as smooth as silk.

The winner of Tricks Legend will need to show off their unique tricks and transitions within their routine and have the highest tricks score on the night.

Flexy Legend

Category Award

Marion Crampe inspired this award! Described as the “Pole Fairy”, you will understand this if you ever get a chance to meet her. Her fluid flexibility is awe-inspiring.

The winner of Flexy Legend will need to show off their strength within their routine and have the highest flexibility score on the night.

Sexy Legend

Category Award

Alethea Austin inspired this award! A world-famous multi-skilled pole dancer, showgirl, performer and instructor

The winner of Sexy Legend will need to show off their inner showgirl and bring the fire, musicality and entertainment.

Drama Legend

Category Award

Jamilla inspired this award! One of the world's best-known pole dancers, and a pioneer of the art form. 

The winner of Drama Legend will need to bring the drama with a focus on musicality and emotions.

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