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What we're about

Pole Legends is all about combining a professionally run show with a high standard of competition, showcasing New Zealand's top pole athletes and dancers. Allowing for each dancer to perform in their own unique style without having to bend to a certain judging criteria or set of rules. Pole Legends gives the top polers of the country a platform to display their amazing talent, be awarded for it and to increase this NZ talent by giving the dancers something to work for each year. 


Only the top 20 polers around NZ will be invited to perform in this one night extravaganza. This 20 will consist of NZ's top females, males and doubles pairs. Each will perform their routine and compete for various awards. Each award is represented by a Pole Legend. Check out our Pole Legends page for more details on the legends and their represented award.

Who are we

NZ Pole Ventures Ltd have been organising pole events for over 8 years now. Our biggest event is an amateur pole competition run all around NZ each year. This is the biggest pole competition in NZ, with over 70 competitors, and roughly 200 spectators at each heat and final. 

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